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Mr Garry Shuttleworth graduated top of his year group in medicine from Charing Cross and Westminster School of Medicine (University of London) in 1990 with 3 distinctions. He was awarded 11 prizes / certificates of merit during his medical training and has 1 further prize from a faculty of natural science from a former university.

Following what were then “house-officer jobs” in London he moved straight into the field of ophthalmology. He was awarded the Crombie Medal for the best overall performance in the part I FRCOphth. examination in 1992 and the Harcourt Medal for the best overall performance in the part II FRCOphth. examination in 1994.

He then moved to Bristol to undertake a lecturer / researcher post in the university department of ophthalmology. He remained in Bristol for specialist training and subsequently undertook a fellowship in oculoplastics, adnexal disease and adult strabismus. He has published and presented widely in the past with 29 original publications, 4 chapters, 3 letters and 6 other publications to his name.

Garry Shuttleworth has worked full-time as a consultant in Swansea Singleton Hospital since 2001 where he has performed the roles of Clinical Director and of audit lead.

He has been an examiner for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists for most of his consultant career and has co-ordinated Royal College of Ophthalmologist examinations in Swansea on 2 occasions. He is a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists part 1 examination sub-committee and was Senior Examiner for the Refraction Certificate examination between 2015-2019. He is currently the Chairperson for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Examinations Committee.

He practices as a full time NHS consultant assessing and operating upon adult patients with cataracts, caring for adult patients with glaucoma and ocular surface disease, and assessing and operating upon adult patients with oculoplastic diseases, adnexal diseases and adult strabismus.

He sees adult patients at the Sancta Maria Hospital where he also operates.

GMC registration 1st August 1992

GMC 3614923

Specialist registration 2001

Specialist register - Ophthalmology

About: About


This website has been constructed predominately to provide an online resource of information for people seeking answers to their eye problems. It obviously cannot be completely comprehensive but I hope it is written in a manner that can be easily understood and is useful to some people at least. Whilst this has been a project that I have been meaning to do for years it is unfortunate that it is only now that I have gotten myself around to having a go at a website. I have used a free website provider and have tried to review and compile my existing patient information, developed and used over the last 19 years whilst in Swansea. In doing so I have been appalled to find a large number of typographical and grammatical errors and have done my best to correct as many as I have noticed. I have also written some new information where it seemed needed and have produced a few of my own simple graphics. I will probably publish the website incomplete - as I may never do so otherwise - and you will need to accept that some links are “under development”. Hopefully I’ll get to finish them.

I make no apologies for making the following long list of apologies;
1. entries where there appears too little or too much detail or where medical terminology may have crept in
2. for grammatical and spelling errors (I am not a linguist) of which there are undoubtedly quite a few
3. details which are or appear dated or out of date - I am happy to amend
4. any inadvertent inaccuracies or errors
5. any adverts that appear on the website are not my responsibility
6. the size of the text - this is something that I don’t seem to have much control over with this website provider (I wait to be told otherwise)
7. the paucity of quality images - this is something that I hope to improve upon in time

If you have any concerns or questions or ideas as to how the site could be improved, please let me know via e-mail but depending upon my work commitments and the numbers of “complaints” please don’t expect answers to all.

Declaration of interests: I have no propriety interests in any products, medical or otherwise and this site merely advertises my availability for private ophthalmic consultations.

GN Shuttleworth 2020

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