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Please read carefully the following details about consultations

Time allocated for consultations:

New patient appointments – 30 minutes

Follow-up patient appointments – 20 minutes

Please note: these times are to include: COVID appropriate room preparation, consultation, examination, discussions and dictation of a letter which will be copied to you.

Format of the consultation:

Following introductions Mr Shuttleworth will talk to you about your eye problems and general health. He will then examine you. He may then instil some eye drops to dilate your pupil in order to examine the back of your eye and you may then be asked to take a seat back in the waiting room whilst the drops work (usually 10 minutes) before you are called back to  complete the consultation where Mr Shuttleworth will explain his findings and discuss your options regarding treatments or investigation.

Who can be present during the consultation:

Unfortunately, as a consequence of the COVID pandemic, the need for social distancing and reducing person contacts means that only the patient will be expected to attend the consultation. However, in circumstances where the patient needs physical help or has memory problems, an able-bodied relative will also be allowed to attend.

COVID precautions:

As a consequence of the COVID pandemic you will be required to wear a mask in the hospital. However, during parts of your consultation it may be necessary to remove the mask in order to allow examination. You are encouraged not to touch anything that it is not essential to touch and to clean your hands frequently.

Please ensure the following information is available for your consultation:

Medications: Please can you ensure that you bring along an up-to-date list of all your current medications

Spectacles: Please bring the most up-to-date glasses that you use for distance viewing – these may be described as driving or in some cases TV glasses and they may be bifocals or varifocal glasses.

Spectacle prescription: Please ensure that you have a copy of your most recent spectacle prescription from your optician.

Referral letter: Please ensure that if a referral letter has not been sent to the Sancta Maria Hospital from either your GP or Optometrist that you bring a copy along with you.

Please note: whilst all of the above information may not be / seem to be a pre-requisite for your consultation, its availability ensures the most efficient use of time.

Eye drops and driving to your consultation:

Eye drops are frequently used when examining the back of your eyes. These drops are likely to make your vision blurry and the effects usually last about 4 hours. During this period of time you are advised not to drive. We therefore suggest that you do not drive to and from your consultation unless you either wait for your vision to return to normal (assuming that it reaches the driving standard) or have somebody else drive you home.

If you have any questions or queries prior to your consultation please contact my secretary Nashie by telephone 01792 391122 or by e-mail:

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